Thursday, February 23, 2017

How Can Tools and Culture Come Together for Lean Transformation?

By Julie Fraser, Founder MESA Analytics Working Group and lifetime MESA member

In the early days of Lean, software was to be avoided at all costs. Clearly that’s no longer the case, and MESA members can vouch for that. In fact, our members find that automation and MES are key enablers for Lean.

This year, MESA is supporting GBMP with Three sessions at the Northeast L.E.A.N Conference. Appropriately for MESA’s participation, the theme for 2017 is The Integration of Tools and Culture for Lean Transformation. Come hear amazing stories of transformation from two MESA members, and a broad view from MESA’s President. MESA has Three Sessions:
  1. The story of moving from traditional to a highly automated lean plant now moving to implement IT on top of that OT at Essilor Gentex Optics as Amit Agarwal presents “Sealing the Deal for Lean with Advanced Automation”
  2. implementing MES as a catalyst to ensure improvements in plants around the world at Murata Power Solutions as Steve Kaplan presents “MES as the Catalyst for Lean Initiatives”
  3. A panel session including Amit, Steve, and MESA President Michael Yost, “Can Automation and IT Be Vehicles for a Lean Journey?”
This is one of the premier Lean conferences in the US, and is coming up September 19-20 in Worcester, MA, USA. While the conference started in the Northeast, last year attendees were from all across the US and beyond.

I attended in Northeast L.E.A.N. 2016 and am delighted to be representing MESA there in 2017, as it was an energizing open exchange of ideas and experience among lean practitioners from advanced Lean Sensei to those just starting in their education and journey of implementation. Many of the sessions had interaction even beyond Q&A to include games, puzzles, and group exercises. I also love that the L.E.A.N. stands for Lead, Enable and Nurture – the foundations for lean to thrive.

The tracks this year are Lean Management, Tools, Facilitator Development, Healthcare, and True North. MESA’s sessions will be in the tools track. In addition to engaging and informative track sessions like the ones MESA is organizing, the conference also hosts The Community of Lean Lounge, where poster sessions encourage one-on-one interaction with presenters and other lean practitioners. MESA will also have a table in the exhibits area, where others offering lean services and software will be available for further learning.

GBMP is offering a special discount to MESA members to attend the conference. Register here. Please be sure to include the code MESA2017 to get a special 15% discount off either the early bird or regular conference price.

Clearly, we at MESA believe IT and OT support lean. MESA materials including a Lean Guidebook point to ways that tools and culture come together for lean. This year, we are taking our understanding of how technology supports lean transformation to a new stage – at the DCU Center in Worcester MA! Hope to see you all there!

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