Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Getting Excited About the New MESA Smart Manufacturing Model

Authored by John Clemons, MESA Marketing Committee Chair, based on an interview with Dennis Brandl, MESA GEP Instructor and member of the MESA Model Sub-Committee. 

Everyone in the manufacturing world says we’re in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution and Smart Manufacturing is transforming manufacturing back into an economic powerhouse. 

But what most people see is wave after wave of new technology with no real idea how any of it is supposed to fit together.

MESA, the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association, has started developing a new Smart Manufacturing Model, with the express purpose of providing everyone with a simple and easy-to-use framework for making sense out of everything that’s part of Smart Manufacturing.

Dennis Brandl, a member of the MESA team building this model, says, “Most people don’t understand how it all fits together. It’s really just a vast state of turbulence with just about every country having its own model for Smart Manufacturing. MESA is cutting through all this fluff to provide a comprehensive Smart Manufacturing model that people can actually use to understand what Smart Manufacturing is all about.”

The new MESA Smart Manufacturing Model will provide a way to look at a company’s manufacturing operations and get a view of the entire lifecycle of manufacturing. In fact, this concept of lifecycles is key to the new model. Whether it’s a product lifecycle, an asset lifecycle, or a lifecycle for the manufacturing personnel, this idea of lifecycles is a key to understanding the complete picture of the manufacturing operations and how Smart Manufacturing fits into this picture.

Dennis explains more of the purpose of the new MESA model. “It’s fundamentally going to be a way of looking at the problem space to make sure you don’t miss anything. It’s intended to cover everything you need to be concerned with in this space. It will help people decide what to do by helping them ask the hard questions and determine if they really have the answers they need.”

In this way the new MESA model can be thought of as a checklist at the highest level to make sure no one is missing any of the key concepts of Smart Manufacturing.

Manufacturing companies can use the new model to make sure they’re dealing with all the issues, especially the ones they haven’t thought of yet. And solution providers can use the new model to make sure they’re providing their customers with everything they need.

Dennis says he’s very excited about the new MESA model. He says, “This is going to be good for everyone. Smart Manufacturing is good for everyone. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

The new MESA Smart Manufacturing Model will be easily usable by everyone. It will be a key tool for everyone to use to understand Smart Manufacturing when they’re looking at anything related to Smart Manufacturing. 

The new model will show people the path and will show people the way. Ultimately it will be down-to-earth, showing people what really works, in a way they can understand.

It’s easy to get excited about the new MESA Smart Manufacturing Model. It will be a great tool to understand what’s really going on in Smart Manufacturing. It will help everyone make sure they’re asking the hard questions and dealing with the tough issues that will ultimately decide the success or failure of a Smart Manufacturing project. 

Stay tuned for more on the new MESA Smart Manufacturing Model.

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