Wednesday, July 26, 2017

MES to Support the Lean Journey

How do your lean culture and your automation and manufacturing IT systems support each other? In some cases, extremely well. If you are not so sure, or if your IT and continuous improvement teams do not agree, we have a great opportunity for you.

Long-time MESA member and volunteer contributor Steve Kaplan has seen how this works as Global MES Administrator at Murata Power Solutions. He’s also trained in Lean, so he has a deep appreciation for lean practices and culture. Steve knows first-hand how the MES has been a catalyst for Lean in his Japan-headquartered company. He counts over a dozen areas of benefits that MES delivers to the Lean program.

He’s not the only MESA member to have this experience. Toyota has also. MESA’s Vice Chairman this year leads not only MES, but a broad array of operational IT systems for this automaking giant. Toyota has pioneered the Lean path, and continues to explore how MES and related technologies support and deepen their lean successes.

We’ll talk about all of this and more on September 20 at the Northeast L.E.A.N. Conference in Worcester, MA. MESA will have a booth as well as two speaking slots. We’ll be rubbing elbows with an array of Lean practitioners and Senseis from the Northeast and well beyond.

Steve Kaplan’s content-rich presentation will include some obvious and also some hidden benefits of MES to the Lean program. He also discusses the integration of analytics with MES and the giant boost that can provide to continuous improvement programs.

Then, MESA President Mike Yost will join Steve for a panel discussion moderated by long-time MESA member Julie Fraser. Here the group will explore in an interactive Q&A with the audience what is possible. In fact, we’ll explore whether MES and automation in the plant can not only support, but be a vehicle that speeds lean progress.

Are lean practitioners completely beyond the original feeling that software works counter to Lean? Come find out! 
Join hundreds of lean practitioners September 19-20 in Worcester, MA for the Northeast L.E.A.N. Conference for this conversation. Steve Kaplan will speak on the 20th at 11am, and the MESA panel session is at 1pm that day.
Bonus: Right after our sessions is an Ice Cream Social!

Register now using the code MESA2017 to get the early bird discount AND a special 15% additional MESA member discount.

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