Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Top 50 MESA Downloads of 2014: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Manufacturing Operations Management, and More…

By Maryanne Steidinger, Americas Board Member of MESA and volunteer on MESA’s Marketing Committee

Over the past 25+ years, MESA International has produced an incredible amount of information covering real issues and real needs of the manufacturing community. From Guidebooks to Best Practices to Reporting Methodologies, if you have a question on what/why/how for manufacturing solutions, MESA likely has the answer. We wanted to share this wealth of work with our blogging community, and with that in mind, show you the top 50 downloads from the MESA.org website over the past year:

  1. Metrics Public Report - 2006
  2. Executive Overview Status of the ISO 55000 Asset Management System Standard
  3. MESA Strategic Manufacturing Initiatives Model Podcast 
  4. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Manufacturing Operations Management: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 1.0  
  5. Pursuit of Performance Excellence - Summary Report
  6. MESA Metrics that Matter Revisited
  7. Automation World Magazine announced the availability of MESA International's Whitepaper #34
  8. MESA is Managing Automation's MES "Ask the Expert"
  9. B2MML V0600
  10. What is the MESA Education Program All About?
  11. MES Product Survey 2012 Overview Flyer
  12. What is the MESA Education Program All About?
  13. B2MML V0500
  14. MES Product Survey 2013 Overview Flyer
  15. MESA 2012 Annual Report
  16. B2MML V0401
  17. BatchML V0600
  18. Multiple Site MES Projects: Systems Implementation is Half the Battle
  19. BPM & The Cloud in Operations
  20. Justifying Manufacturing Operations Management to Business Leaders
  21. BatchML V0500
  22. Extreme Makeover Manufacturing Metrics Style
  23. MESA Townhall Meeting
  24. B2MML V0400
  25. B2MML V01
  26. MESA White Paper #38 - Transforming Manufacturing Maturity with ISA-95 Methods
  27. B2MML V02
  28. B2MML V0300
  29. BatchML V01
  30. BatchML V0401
  31. BatchML V02
  32. Lessons Learned in Global MES Roll-Out
  33. Unity PLM & MES Systems to Increase Accuracy & Build Quality
  34. Value Mapping
  35. Keys to Achieving Rapid ROI on Plant Software Investments
  36. From Metrics Confusion to Business Intelligence: Calming the Sea
  37. Technology Investments to Fuel Growth and Enforce Quality
  38. MESA White Paper #37: Data Architecture for MOM: The Manufacturing Master Data Approach
  39. MES for Continuous Petrochemical Processes
  40. Production Monitoring & Control for Energy Savings
  41. Real-Time Manufacturing Management for a Hybrid Process
  42. Transitioning to Lean MES at General Electric
  43. Using A Lean System Systematically is the Key to Financial and Operational Success
  44. Future of Manufacturing In a Connected World
  45. The Transformation of Automotive Manufacturing
  46. Product Lifecycle Quality
  47. Commitment to Corporate Responsibility -- New Management System Requirement for Suppliers
  48. Quality Operations Management
  49. The Great Data Exchange - Asset Performance Management & Automation of the Data Collection Process 
  50. MES: Managing Risk and Manufacturing in a Vertically Integrated Medical Device Enterprise

If we look at the top 5 downloads, we can see that they are more or less “state of the market” reports on industry and on metrics.  The “Metrics That Matter” Report has been an annual deliverable from MESA for many years, because it collectively represents the attitudes and behaviors of the industry when justifying and determining whether a Manufacturing Operations solution is right for them.

MESA represents industry thought leaders—working together to build content that informs, educates, and persuades with the goal of improving operations by implementing these proven, workable technologies and strategies.  Think of MESA as a huge consulting organization who is there for you—a small membership fee provides you access to the joint works of the leading companies that develop, deliver and consult on attaining manufacturing excellence.  MESA brings an ability to work with thought leaders in your industry and others, gaining valuable insights and contacts that carry through your career. 

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