Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MESA unConference: Open Forum on Making Your Plants Operate Best

Forget the lectures, let’s roll up our sleeves! 
MESA International is bringing their “unConference” format to Greenville to offer you a safe, open environment to address your most pressing challenges.  These sessions offer a rich, interactive environment in which knowledge sharing works best.

In a MESA unConference, you set the agenda.  So, what’s most important to you – how to tie operations metrics to financial performance? Justifying Manufacturing IT projects? Making Continuous Improvement stick?  Standards? Methodologies? Technologies? 

Bring all your burning challenges*. Experienced MESA professionals will moderate the discussions between you and your peers, encouraging all to contribute to the sharing of ideas and lessons learned.  But be careful – you just might gain new insights that will benefit you and your organization!

Bring friends, colleagues, and clients to these famous roll-up-your-sleeves sessions.

*Submit your challenges here, bring them on-site, or share them on MESA's blog or LinkedIn page.

Limited seating is available

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