Monday, May 20, 2019

Behind The Scenes: MESA's Outstanding Contribution Winners

A big congratulations to MESA's 2019 Outstanding Contribution Award winners! We captured the awards at recent events on our World Tour.

These thought leaders help drive MESA programs like education, training, research and overall help important discussions happen between committees and professionals. Help celebrate these winners by sharing this blog post or the press release.

John Clemons, Maverick – Recognized for excellence in marketing and events leadership.

Julie Fraser, Iyno Advisors – Recognized for leadership and excellence in her role as Smart Manufacturing Community Group Facilitator.
“My career has benefited in so many ways from my MESA membership; I’m happy that I can contribute. The Community has really helped me understand where manufacturers are making progress toward Smart Manufacturing and where the questions are still stumping most companies. The great news is that MESA is the perfect host for these conversations; not only is it safe and non-commercial, we have ways of creating new content and education focused on what the Community needs. As usual in MESA, I cannot take full credit for the Smart Manufacturing Community Group. Conrad Leiva and I collaborated in dreaming it up and making it work. Then I have also worked with some great facilitators in Jeff Hill, Lisa Henriott, and Maryanne Steidinger. Most of all, the faithful participants in the Community make it work – people openly share successes, challenges and outright failures. We are all learning together, just as we’d hoped.”
Gerhard Greeff, Altron Bytes Systems Integration – Recognized for excellence leading Smart Manufacturing initiatives in MESA Africa and the manufacturing community at large.
“It is an honor to be recognized for this award. I have been involved with MESA International for a long time and with MESA Africa since its inception 11 years ago. I am passionate about the purpose and objectives of MESA and I am always trying to educate the market and individuals about what MESA contributes to its members and in fact the world at large. Being part of the MESA family is very rewarding and provides opportunities to contribute to the knowledge base, educate and be educated by peers. I always enjoy being part of the creative process of White Papers and Guidebooks, both as contributor and reviewer. Being recognized for my contribution is an unexpected bonus.”
Conrad Leiva, iBASEt - Recognized for his leadership with the Smart Manufacturing Working Group and Community. Mr. Leiva won the Tom Bruhn Innovative Service Award: A tribute to Tom Bruhn, a long-time contributor of MESA. 
“What an honor to receive an award named after such an outstanding individual who left us too soon. Tom Bruhn was not just a great contributor, he is missed and kindly remembered by all his peers at MESA International. I hope to honor this award and continue his tradition of dedication and passion for the manufacturing industry.”  
Bradley Rowen, Cargill – Recognized for leadership and excellence in his role as MESA Americas Board Chair.

Desmond Savage, Modus IOT Ltd. – Recognized for leadership and excellence in his role as MESA Ireland Special Interest Group Chair.
"I'm honoured to be considered for this award. Since first getting involved with MESA in 2011, I've been proud to have contributed in promoting a great organisation that strives to optimize Manufacturing IT for all. It is a complex space and having an independent organisation such as MESA promote and define best practice is critical to help improve productivity, quality and profits! I am especially passionate in relation to how Manufacturing IT can help improve quality, as this has direct impacts on our daily lives, with more reliable products on the market place. I hope to continue contributing to MESA into the future. Thank you for the nomination."
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MESA’s International Board Meeting in Pittsburgh at IndustryWeek’s M&T.

Award winner Julie Fraser (left) and International Board Member Trever White.

Award winners Bradley Rowen (left) and Conrad Leiva.

Award winner John Clemons (left) and International Board Member Trever White.

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