Thursday, November 13, 2014

Press Release: MESA International Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Open Applications Group, Inc.

Agreement promotes collaboration among industry thought leaders

CHANDLER, ARIZ., November 13, 2014 - Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Open Applications Group, Inc. (OAGi). This agreement will make it easier for both organizations to work together and bring value to their common set of stakeholders, and formalizes the ways in which each organization can contribute to the other's committees and working groups to bring specific expertise to key initiatives.

The speed of technology advancement is so rapid today that collaboration with industry thought leaders is more important than ever. MESA has always worked to bring domain experts together, share knowledge and drive industry forward. This agreement is another example of such an effort.

Commenting on this news, Mike Yost, president of MESA, said, "We're happy to formalize this cooperative agreement with OAGi. Given the speed of business today and the ever-expanding role IT-based solutions are playing within manufacturers, we need more capable people at the table working together to drive value for everyone. This agreement helps ensure our two organizations can do just that."


About MESA
MESA International (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) is a global not-for-profit industry association dedicated to improving outcomes for businesses and their people through the use of manufacturing information.

MESA is comprised of manufacturers, producers, solution providers, and industry thought leaders collaborating to formulate practical strategies to turn plant-floor data into valuable knowledge for enterprise success.

We help educate manufacturers by:
  • Collecting, sharing, and publishing best practices to help drive greater productivity and the overall profitability of the manufacturing enterprise. Over 800 webcasts, guidebooks, whitepapers, studies, and surveys are available for download in our Resource Library.
  • Offering IACET-accredited MESA Global Education Program (GEP) courses and certificates. These courses are available online or onsite, and students can earn CEUs. 
  • Facilitating collaboration among members in over 40 countries who connect, contribute, cultivate understanding, and exchange strategies to drive business results through real-time enterprise and Plant to Enterprise (P2E) integration.
  • Creating partnerships with other industry associations and experts like the World Batch Forum (WBF). Our 2012 merger broadens our knowledge of ISA-95 related standards like B2MML, and ISA-88 related standards like BatchML.

The bottom line? Members benefit from knowing what MESAknows. Sign up for our MESAknows eNews.

About Open Applications Group, Inc.
OAGi is organized to promote business process interoperability for both inter and intra enterprise business processes. OAGi's members build interoperability standards in a community where people from all industries, including but not limited to manufacturers, financial services, logistics, software vendors and government agencies come together in an Open Standards Environment to build what they and their organizations need.

The standards that OAGi builds and supports include:
  • OAGIS Release 10.0, 10.1* OAGIS 9.X, 8.0, 7.X, and 6.X
  • OAGIS 9.X Naming and Design Rules
  • OAGIS Data Management Guide
  • OAGIS Confirm BOD Usage
  • OAGIS Get/Show Usage guide
  • Chem eStandards 5.X, 4.X, 3.X, 2.X
  • Chem eStandards Envelope and Security Specifications
  • Chem eStandards Implementation Accelerator

Business processes supported in the OAGIS standard include, but are not limited to, financial, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), logistics, manufacturing (ERP), and operations. OAGi's standard is widely implemented in over 40 countries and over 30 industries. All of the above standards are available on the OAGi website at

For more information, please contact:
DeAnn Fedyski
MESA International


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