Friday, March 22, 2013

MESA Webcast: Open O&M: Integration Unleashed

This MESA Webcast explains how to use two new integration standards to greatly simplify and speed up business-to-production floor integration, and integration among production floor systems.

This work was sponsored by the Open O&M organization, of which MESA is a member. These new standards are being developed by the ISA95 committee.

The first standard is the Information Service Bus Model (ISBM) which defines a standard method for interfacing with different Enterprise Service Buses, such as TIBCO, WebMethods, NetWeaver, etc. in order to send and receive messages between applications. The ISBM reduces the number of interfaces that vendors and end users need to support in their integration projects.

The second standard is the Common Interoperability Registry (CIR) which defines a standard method for reconciling the different names of objects and enumerations between systems. This standard helps solve issues such as multiple names for the same piece of equipment, or different names for the same status and quality values. The CIR provides a standard interface to a common global name space repository, an important but often forgotten part of any integration project.

The MESA webcast, given by Dave Emerson and Dennis Brandl, will present an overview of these two new important additions to the ISA-95 standard and MESA's supporting implementations of those standards.



Dave Emerson
Director, U.S. Development Center


Dennis Brandl
Founder and Chief Consultant
BR&L Consulting, Inc.

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Wednesday, April 3 at 11:00 AM Eastern

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MESA unConference: Open Forum on Making Your Plants Operate Best

Forget the lectures, let’s roll up our sleeves! 
MESA International is bringing their “unConference” format to Greenville to offer you a safe, open environment to address your most pressing challenges.  These sessions offer a rich, interactive environment in which knowledge sharing works best.

In a MESA unConference, you set the agenda.  So, what’s most important to you – how to tie operations metrics to financial performance? Justifying Manufacturing IT projects? Making Continuous Improvement stick?  Standards? Methodologies? Technologies? 

Bring all your burning challenges*. Experienced MESA professionals will moderate the discussions between you and your peers, encouraging all to contribute to the sharing of ideas and lessons learned.  But be careful – you just might gain new insights that will benefit you and your organization!

Bring friends, colleagues, and clients to these famous roll-up-your-sleeves sessions.

*Submit your challenges here, bring them on-site, or share them on MESA's blog or LinkedIn page.

Limited seating is available