Tuesday, July 19, 2011

North American Makeover team overcomes hurdle

As with most projects, unforeseen issues arise during project startup and our makeover was no exception. Determining the initial scope was the first hurdle we encountered. After reviewing the entire process, we decided to focus the scope onto a single high impact process step. By doing this we will be able to focus on a set of Critical Process Parameters (CPP's) that can indeed drive business improvement and success.

We have assembled a strong cross functional team with operations, finance and management (for oversight) and this is a key to project success. Our makeover mission is to ensure that operators know the impact of CPP’s on the process and more importantly that management has the tools to tie the right CPP’s to financial results.

Next up is an example of cross functional analysis and how it can help the business as a whole.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Metrics Make-over Contest Winner Moving Forward After Initial Success

Cormetech, Inc. of Durham, North Carolina, the winner of the Metrics Make-over Contest, has hosted their kick off meeting with Alta Via Consulting and Rockwell Automation. With an MES system already in place and initial success realized, there is now an on-going effort of continuous improvement and decision support. This next phase is focusing on linking Cormetech operations and financial metrics to create accurate and timely cost and management information. Learn more at www.MESA.org, at the North American MESA Conference in Florida, the European MESA Conference in Jaarbeurs, Utrcht, The Netherlands and from upcoming MESA white papers.