Sunday, May 1, 2011

The MESA International Board of Directors has approved a major expansion of the MESA Global Education Program. We are now in the process of planning new dates in Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Singapore in the second half of 2011,– in addition to our existing countries. While we plan the next set of program dates, you can still earn your own MESA Certificate of Awareness or Certificate of Competency and join this exclusive group. The program instructs Manufacturers, Producers and Solution Providers on how to marry the power of modern Information Technologies (IT) and the process / project rigor to implement them with your operational expertise to unlock the potential within your Operations.

Why Attend?
The MESA Global Education Program aggressively addresses the knowledge gap around practically applying modern IT solutions in your plants and across your enterprise. This knowledge gap is the primary barrier to growth of the Operations Management (MES/MOM) arena. Slowing that growth inhibits the realization of the significant gains available to end users who successfully embrace MES/MOM. So, End User Manufacturers/Producers and Solution Providers alike have reason to attend these programs. Which Program? MESA’s Certificate of Competency (CoC) and Certificate of Awareness (CoA) educational programs combine training materials from a broad spectrum of relevant subject matters and courses into a single learning event. Events vary in length of class time and depth of knowledge sharing of each course, as programs are tailored to their intended audience.

Certificate of Competency (CoC) Programs are geared toward Systems Analysts, Architects, Programmers, Project Managers and Consultants

Certificate of Awareness (CoA) Programs cater to executives, manufacturing/operations and IT personnel and sales professionals.

Program overviews, detailed abstracts, and schedules with registration information are online at:

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