Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paper On Manufacturing Operations Mangement Published

MESA announces the publishing of MESA White Paper #28: "Lifecycle of Service Creation using the ISA-95 MOM." The white paper details the lifecycle of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Service creation using the ISA 95 MOM standard for services oriented architectures (SOA) for manufacturing. It discusses the process of decomposing the ISA 95 Part 3 core functions from the global and strategic levels of the manufacturing enterprise to the atomic level of the plant’s manufacturing operations. The outcome of this process is 1) the MOM atomic functions are mapped to manufacturing reusable Services across different manufacturing types or forms and 2) an MOM Functional Services Gap Analysis is applied to identify manufacturing automation and operations gaps.
This paper was produced as part of the MESA/ISA 95 Best Practices Working Group through an international peer review process involving 5 or more subject matter reviewers. This MESA White Paper will also be published in one of two methodology best practices collection, Book 2.0, The MOM Chronicles, or Book 3.0, When Worlds Collide in Manufacturing Operations (Collections published by ISA, 10/1/10).
This white paper is available here. All of MESA's white papers are available for $25.00 per paper for individual papers, or become a MESA premium member and have complimentary access to over 250 white papers, presentations, MOM/MES guidebooks, industry studies and web casts.
The content of this paper is part of an open discussion in the below UnConference Session at MESA 2010 North American Conference held June 21-23 in Dearborn, Michigan. Register here for the Conference.
The Unconference session is "Beyond Standards--Unlocking Your Operations Potential" held on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 9:00am-12:00pm.
Potential specific topics include the following with final conversations determined by the participants' requests:
  • ISA-95 Maturity Model Assessment and Migration Strategies
  • Architectures for manufacturing operations master data. And, who and how should it be governed?
  • Applying SOA to manufacturing operations architectures
  • B2MML Integration Patterns and Data Mapping
  • Integration PLM, ERP and MOM in a Discrete Manufacturing Environment
  • Integration of Manufacturing Intelligence with MOM
  • ISA-95 Contextualized Operations Workflows for Industrial BPM

Facilitated by:

Charlie Gifford
Chair, ISA-95/MESA Best Practice Working Group
Chair, MES/MOM Ask the Expert Committee for Managing Automation Magazine
Chief Manufacturing Consultant, 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions LLC

Dr. Thomasma / Capgemini Americas / Detroit
Projects & Consulting

Michael Grasley, P.Eng.
Director, MES Consulting
ASECO Integrated Systems

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