Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Is Your Businesses a Leader in MES/MOM? Now You Can Prove It.

By Marc Leroux, Chairman of MESA's Education Committee, International Board Member, and Americas Board Member

MESA has just launched a new, two part recognition program. The first part is geared towards individual practitioners, the second is for organizations. In a previous post I talked about the individual recognition program for practitioners, in this post I’ll talk about the  MESA Recognized Business program.

The MESA Recognized Business designation layers on top of the MESA Recognized Practitioner program. The intent of the program is to easily recognize companies that demonstrate a commitment to the Manufacturing Operations (MOM) or Manufacturing Execution (MES) space. Like the practitioner program, the criteria is set quite high, and is not easily met. The basic criteria for achieving this recognition is:

•Be a MESA Premium Member Company. This ensures that the company is dedicated to furthering both the knowledge base of MESA and the education of individuals.

•Employ a specific number of MESA Recognized Practitioners. This is based on the size of the company, so a large multi-National business will have more members than a smaller consulting company. The required number of MESA Recognized Practitioners can be found here.

•Deliver at least one successful project per year, ensuring that the company remains active in this space.

•Agree to comply with the MESA Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The intent of this recognition program is to publically identify companies that have a strong commitment to the MOM/MES space. It is not going to be easy to achieve this standing, but those that do are going to be recognized as leaders in this space. 

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Bio of Marc Leroux: 

Marc Leroux is the Global Marketing Manager for ABB’s Collaborative Production Manufacturing business, which provides products and solutions that sit above the automation system for industrial companies. In the 23 years Marc has been with ABB, he has been responsible for the design, development, implementation, and now has global marketing responsibility for Collaborative Manufacturing solutions. Additionally, Marc has been a key participant in some of ABB’s alliance activities and has also represented ABB in the development of ISA-95, the international standard for the integration of enterprise and manufacturing systems. Marc is a graduate of the Dawson Institute of Technology in Montreal, Quebec.  Marc currently serves as a MESA International Board Member at Large

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