Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Join the development of the Smart Manufacturing Strategy?

By Conrad Leiva, MESA International Board Member

The governments of China, India and the United States have all identified “Smart Manufacturing” as a strategic lever for long-term economic growth.  Similarly, the government of Germany has Industrie 4.0.  All these countries are looking to define how to leverage the advances in modern Information Technologies to make manufacturing a cog in their economic engines.

Manufacturing corporations, software vendors, and industry experts are talking about modernizing manufacturing through IT with the expectation of great economic impact, but Smarter Manufacturing will not happen without people exchanging ideas and collaborating across the operations, automation and information technology ranks.

MESA is opening our new Smart Manufacturing Working Group and recruiting participants that bring different perspectives to the conversation—different industries and different roles, including end-users, vendors, educators, consultants and system integrators. MESA is a safe place to develop and refine your organization’s roadmap for Smart Manufacturing, discuss different approaches and compare notes.

On the agenda for the new working group, we have development of papers like “Demystifying Smart Manufacturing” and "Leveraging Cloud Services for Smart Manufacturing Systems" and explanation of topics including:
  • Industrial IoT, Industrie 4.0, Digital Thread, Model-Based Enterprise
  • M2M, A2A, B2B, SOA Integration Standards for Manufacturing
  • BPM and Workflow Manufacturing Use Cases among global sites and the value chain

Join the conversation and the development of practices and operating standards for future Smart Manufacturing! You must be a MESA member to participate in MESA’s Working Groups but it is easy to join at:

Also, please join us at the upcoming MESA North America conference May 4 – 6 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.  Specifically, we will hold an unConference session on Smart Manufacturing in which our working group will interact directly with attendees to drive the discussion and refine our plans for deliverables.  Find out more about all the unConference sessions at: or the entire conference at:

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