Monday, May 24, 2010

Share and learn not be spoonfed

There are two tracks on Wednesday morning, June 23 of the MESA International North American Conference where you can participate rather than sit back and listen to presentations. Leaders of these areas want active feedback and discussion from interested and knowledgeable thought leaders and practitioners of manufacturing operations management applications.

Beyond Standards--Unlocking Your Operations Potential

The first track will be led by industry expert Charlie Gifford, who is Chair, ISA-95/MESA Best Practice Working Group and Chief Manufacturing Consultant, 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions LLC. Co-facilitators include Dr. Tim Thomasma, Capgemini Americas and Michael Grasley, Director, MES Consulting, ASECO Integrated Systems. The general topic is "Unlocking Your Operations' Potential."

Potential specific topics include the following with final conversations determined by the participants' requests:
  • ISA-95 Maturity Model Assessment and Migration Strategies
  • Architectures for manufacturing operations master data. And who and how should it be governed?
  • Applying SOA to manufacturing operations architectures
  • B2MML Integration Patterns and Data Mapping
  • Integration PLM, ERP and MOM in a Discrete Manufacturing Environment
  • Integration of Manufacturing Intelligence with MOM
  • ISA-95 Contextualized Operations Workflows for Industrial BPM

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