Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Leverage Workflow Technologies in Manufacturing

MESA International has released Whitepaper #32 to educate MESA members on approaches available to leverage workflow-enabled technologies to drive value in their plants and across their extended operations.

Workflows are structured activities primarily involving human-to-human or human-to-machine interactions, all directed toward the realization of profitable operations without compromising safety, reliability and consistency. Workflow technology is starting to move from a purely IT domain practice into the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) domain as defined by ISA-95. This shift therefore justifies a deep understanding by MESA for its global community.

Charlie Gifford, Chair of the MESA/ISA-95 Best Practices Working Group and one of the paper’s authors noted, "Bill Gates was quoted as saying 'The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.' His point is especially true in production operations, and that’s why MESA is at the forefront of documenting the challenges, approaches, methodologies and best practices to drive value in this area."

The paper explores the globalization and organizational challenges associated with the introduction of workflow technology into MOM by providing examples of workflow technology implemented in production environments. These challenges, and the associated technologies to address them, are applicable across all manufacturing environments, but the paper provides a focus on the continuous process industries. It also provides a global viewpoint with input from North America and Southern Asia constituents.

This paper was produced as part of the MESA/ISA-95 Best Practices Working Group through an international peer review process involving 5 or more subject matter reviewers. This MESA whitepaper will also be published in one of two methodologies best practices collections by ISA, “Book 2.0, When Worlds Collide in Manufacturing Operations”. (Collections published by ISA, 1/1/11)
This whitepaper is available via MESA’s Resource Library.

MESA premium members have complimentary access to over 250 white papers, presentations, MOM/MES guidebooks, industry studies and web casts in the Resource Library. Others can purchase individual papers from the Resource Library for $25.00 per paper.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MESA Holds European P2E Conference

The Plant-to-Enterprise 2010 European Conference of MESA Internation convened on Nov. 8 in Dusseldorf, Germany with the 117 attendees greeted with pre-conference sessions on metrics and key performance indicators. Tuesday Nov. 9 and Wednesday Nov. 10 were full days with parallel tracks for breakouts and another well received "Unconference."

Tuesday's keynote address was delivered by Stefan Rosenwald, sr. manager IT, Powertrain, Daimler Engine in Germany. He spoke on Process Efficiency by Integration. Matthew Littlefield, sr. research analyst, Manufacturing, at the Aberdeen Group, an analyst firm in Boston, delivered Wednesday's keynote on "Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Initiatives: Achieving Greater Profitability."

Pictures of the event can be found here.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

MESA Elects New Board for 2011

True to a commitment made several years ago to change MESA International from a purely supplier membership, manufacturers/producers are playing an increasingly more visible role in shaping the association.
MESA International announced the results of its annual election for its International Board of Directors (BOD) on Nov. 11. As is MESA’s practice, voting was conducted via an electronic ballot made available online to MESA Premium Members globally. The ballot was published in late September with votes cast and tallied in October.

John Southcott, co-CEO of Brock Solutions, succeeds John Dyck, Director of Software Business Development for Rockwell Automation as Chairman of the International Board. Mr. Dyck successfully completed his two-year term as Chairman with many accomplishments to his credit. He will remain on the BOD as a Member-at-Large Representing Rockwell Automation.

Mr. Southcott, as co-CEO of a large independent integration company focusing on Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions and real-time operational systems, brings extensive management consulting and large-scale transformational program experience from multiple industries to MESA. Prior to joining Brock in 2005, Mr. Southcott was a partner at Deloitte Consulting for over 20 years where he held many leadership roles, including CEO of ICS Canada (Deloitte’s SAP and Baan practice), Americas Manufacturing Industry Practice Leader, and Global Managing Director - Strategic Partnerships and Alliances. John is a member of Young Presidents Organization and serves on the Advisory Board at the Center for Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology at the University of Waterloo. Mr. Southcott’s leadership experience and expertise in ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, MES, and Technology Integration over the last 25 years will be leveraged as Chair of the International MESA board.

Tom Troy, Director of MES Solutions at Invensys Operations Management, assumes the role of Vice-Chairman of the International Board, replacing out-going Vice-Chairman Ganesh Wadawadigi of SAP. Mr. Troy’s background includes roles in the product businesses at Wonderware and Rockwell and systems integration experience as the Chief Technology Officer of Interwave Technology. He leverages his strong industry experience to manage the current MES portfolio at Invensys Operations Management.

Doug Weaver, MES Systems & Project Manager at Boeing Commercial Aircraft, continues in his role as Treasurer. Mr. Weaver’s perspective as a manufacturer, with first-hand experience leading an MES team from concept through implementation, is extremely valuable to the International Board.

Joining the association’s elected officers are seven new Board Members at Large, including three manufacturers/producers – Energizer Battery Company, Cormetech, Inc., and Saudi Aramco.
•Juli Crenshaw, System Coordinator at Energizer Battery, is the global system owner and manager of Energizer's MES solution, which currently spans 5 plants in 4 countries. In her MES Team Leader role, she is in charge of deployments and also works to evolve Energizer's MES solution to meet the needs of both Plant Operations and Corporate-level reporting.
•Scott Daugherty, Director of Operations at Cormetech, Inc., brings over 25 years of manufacturing management experience to the MESA BOD, including experience as a Plant Manager for Lenox Incorporated's fine dinnerware operation, a Group Manager at AVX Corporation, and a Direct Electronics Salesman and Digital Control Engineer at Corning Incorporated.
•Fayez Kharbat, Engineering Specialist at Saudi Aramco, has over 20 years industrial experience in integrated enterprise solutions, advanced process control, process automation systems and knowledge management. Mr. Kharbat began and is the chairman of both the MESA Continuous Process Industry Special Interest Group (CPI SIG) and MESA Middle East Regional Working Group.

Ms. Crenshaw, Mr. Daugherty and Mr. Kharbat join current BOD members Carlos DaSilva, Global Quality Manager at Vibracoustic, and Mr. Weaver from Boeing as manufacturers/producers on the International Board.

Rounding out the slate of new Board Members at Large are three business leaders from MESA’s Keystone Sponsors.
•Sheila Kester, GM of Operations Management (OM) Software at GE Intelligent Platforms (GEIP), returns to the MESA BOD for a second time. Ms. Kester is responsible for GEIP’s OM Software business globally and has over twenty years experience in manufacturing and operations, including leadership positions in engineering, consulting, product marketing and operations.
•Chuck Pharris, Sr. Director or Manufacturing Solutions Marketing at SAP, is responsible for driving marketing programs, market analysis and the long-term strategy of manufacturing solutions for SAP. He has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing industries and has worked in all areas of plant automation, including process control, energy management and production management.
•Mark Sutcliffe, President of CDC Factory, is a recognized authority on continuous improvement and change management practices centered on technology. He joins the MESA BOD with a proven track record of deploying technology to leverage human capital and achieve breakthrough performance across the enterprise that spans more than the past two decades.

Ms. Kester, Mr. Pharris, and Mr. Sutcliffe join current Keystone Sponsor representatives John Dyck, Director of Software Business Development for Rockwell Automation, Raj Khoshoo, VP of Strategic Initiatives at Siemens PLM, Matthew Miller, Manager of Customer Interest Groups at OSIsoft, Catherine Minter, President, Americas at Cordys, Andrea Mulas, General Manager, Manufacturing Execution Systems at Siemens, Karl Schneebauer, Partner Manager at MPDV, and Sam Youness, Worldwide Industry Technical Strategist, Plant Operations at Microsoft as Members at Large on the International Board. Jan Snoeij, Principal Consultant at Logica, also continues as a Member at Large on the International Board while additionally serving as Chairman of the EMEA BOD.

Commenting on the incoming Board of Directors and the association’s road ahead, incoming Chairman John Southcott had this to say, “The MESA community is quite diverse. That diversity speaks to the commonality that manufacturers and producers from every industry and every geography share in both the challenges they face and the approaches they take to solve those challenges. I believe that the makeup of the incoming International Board of Directors mirrors that diversity – with several manufacturers and producers joined with industry leading solution providers to drive the entire marketplace forward. I’m very enthusiastic about the future of MESA and its membership.”

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paper On Manufacturing Operations Mangement Published

MESA announces the publishing of MESA White Paper #28: "Lifecycle of Service Creation using the ISA-95 MOM." The white paper details the lifecycle of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Service creation using the ISA 95 MOM standard for services oriented architectures (SOA) for manufacturing. It discusses the process of decomposing the ISA 95 Part 3 core functions from the global and strategic levels of the manufacturing enterprise to the atomic level of the plant’s manufacturing operations. The outcome of this process is 1) the MOM atomic functions are mapped to manufacturing reusable Services across different manufacturing types or forms and 2) an MOM Functional Services Gap Analysis is applied to identify manufacturing automation and operations gaps.
This paper was produced as part of the MESA/ISA 95 Best Practices Working Group through an international peer review process involving 5 or more subject matter reviewers. This MESA White Paper will also be published in one of two methodology best practices collection, Book 2.0, The MOM Chronicles, or Book 3.0, When Worlds Collide in Manufacturing Operations (Collections published by ISA, 10/1/10).
This white paper is available here. All of MESA's white papers are available for $25.00 per paper for individual papers, or become a MESA premium member and have complimentary access to over 250 white papers, presentations, MOM/MES guidebooks, industry studies and web casts.
The content of this paper is part of an open discussion in the below UnConference Session at MESA 2010 North American Conference held June 21-23 in Dearborn, Michigan. Register here for the Conference.
The Unconference session is "Beyond Standards--Unlocking Your Operations Potential" held on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 9:00am-12:00pm.
Potential specific topics include the following with final conversations determined by the participants' requests:
  • ISA-95 Maturity Model Assessment and Migration Strategies
  • Architectures for manufacturing operations master data. And, who and how should it be governed?
  • Applying SOA to manufacturing operations architectures
  • B2MML Integration Patterns and Data Mapping
  • Integration PLM, ERP and MOM in a Discrete Manufacturing Environment
  • Integration of Manufacturing Intelligence with MOM
  • ISA-95 Contextualized Operations Workflows for Industrial BPM

Facilitated by:

Charlie Gifford
Chair, ISA-95/MESA Best Practice Working Group
Chair, MES/MOM Ask the Expert Committee for Managing Automation Magazine
Chief Manufacturing Consultant, 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions LLC

Dr. Thomasma / Capgemini Americas / Detroit
Projects & Consulting

Michael Grasley, P.Eng.
Director, MES Consulting
ASECO Integrated Systems

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MESA Unconference topic

The second part of the Unconference--an open-ended discussion on a topic of interest--will be a deep discussion of the metrics you need or use to measure performance for real-time correction.

Metrics That Matter--Developing Metrics For Solving Business Problems

The second track is facilitated by industry analyst Julie Fraser, Chair of the MESA Metrics Committee and Principal Industry Analyst at Cambashi. Co-facilitators include John Jackiw of AltaVia Consulting and Darren Riley of Rockwell Automation. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss what metrics for performance measurement are important with the Metrics That Matter Working Group. Participants can discuss the MESA Metrics Guidebook and offer insights from thoughts and experiences about what practitioners need for using metrics for solving business problems.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Share and learn not be spoonfed

There are two tracks on Wednesday morning, June 23 of the MESA International North American Conference where you can participate rather than sit back and listen to presentations. Leaders of these areas want active feedback and discussion from interested and knowledgeable thought leaders and practitioners of manufacturing operations management applications.

Beyond Standards--Unlocking Your Operations Potential

The first track will be led by industry expert Charlie Gifford, who is Chair, ISA-95/MESA Best Practice Working Group and Chief Manufacturing Consultant, 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions LLC. Co-facilitators include Dr. Tim Thomasma, Capgemini Americas and Michael Grasley, Director, MES Consulting, ASECO Integrated Systems. The general topic is "Unlocking Your Operations' Potential."

Potential specific topics include the following with final conversations determined by the participants' requests:
  • ISA-95 Maturity Model Assessment and Migration Strategies
  • Architectures for manufacturing operations master data. And who and how should it be governed?
  • Applying SOA to manufacturing operations architectures
  • B2MML Integration Patterns and Data Mapping
  • Integration PLM, ERP and MOM in a Discrete Manufacturing Environment
  • Integration of Manufacturing Intelligence with MOM
  • ISA-95 Contextualized Operations Workflows for Industrial BPM

Friday, May 21, 2010

Learn more about operations management at workshops

The MESA International North American Conference June 21-23 in Dearborn, MI is shaping up nicely. Speakers and sessions have been defined and the learning opportunities abound. Much is practical advice you can use to move your organization ahead--making it more flexible, agile, productive and profitable.

The conference itself begins with an opening keynote by the renowned leader Lou Holtz on Monday evening June 21. He'll be sharing ideas garnered from a successful career in American football that you can use to become the leader your organization needs.

If you budget time to come to town early there are extra opportunities for advanced learning. Choose from a series of pre-conference workshops and dig into your biggest challenges with direct access to some of the most experienced practitioners and thought leaders in industry.

There are five workshops scheduled for Monday, June 21st. Each promises to share breakthrough approaches and valuable know-how in the specific topical area listed. There is no added fee required with payment of a full conference registration.

Here is a quick summary of our expert presenters and the content they will share:

Justifying Manufacturing Operations Management to Business Leaders
Charlie Gifford, Chief Managing Consultant, 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions

MESA Education Program: Real-Time Enterprise, 11 Function Model & MES Product Selection
Mike James, Group Managing Director, ATS International BV, and Peter van Vliet, Director Business Development, SAP

Working Session for MESA's Quality & Regulatory Compliance Guidebook Working Group, Khris Kammer, Sr. Information Solutions Consultant, Rockwell Automation

Performance Management Benchmark, Practices & Roadmap
Mitchell Weisberg, Managing Director, Lumen Inc.

Survive to Thrive
Jon Snoeij, Principal Consultant, Logica

Advanced registration is required, so sign up today.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Discuss Metrics and Operations Management

Part of the MESA International North American Conference is the opportunity to sit with experts around a table and discuss problems, concerns, ideas and get your questions answered. One session will feature metrics--what you use, what others use, how to develop, how to measure. The other will go deep into best practices and answer questions about building your systems around ISA95.

Check out the agenda and conference details here. Come and be part of the conversation.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

MESA Conference Speakers Announced

Details are coming together for a great MESA International North American Conference. There are many opportunities to learn from practitioners who have implemented information systems in manufacturing--and from a couple of industry visionaries. Here's a sampling. Check out the Web site for details.

Keynotes & Executive Speakers (Tuesday)

Ford's Vice President of North American Manufacturing, Jim Tetrault, will discuss the role that Manufacturing is playing at Ford to achieve it's One Ford Turnaround Plan and what these other leading companies are doing to build their own competitive advantage.

Manufacturing enterprise software pioneer Rick Bullotta will share a vision of the future of manufacturing.

Other speakers include:

  • Manufacturing Executive Speaker - Dave Klante, VP Engineering & Packaging; MillerCoors
  • Manufacturing Executive Speaker - Dr. Michael Heidingsfelder, Senior VP of Operations; Freudenberg-NOK
  • Manufactuirng Executive Speaker - Greg Augustine, VP Information Systems; Network Engines
  • Maufacturing Executive Speaker - Tim Easterly, VP Corporate Engineering; Keystone Foods
  • Manufacturing Executive Speaker - Bob Erb, VP of Operations; Biotronik
  • Manufacturing Executive Speaker - Miguel Angel Espinosa, Global MES COE Leader; Cordis, a Johnson & Johnson Company
  • Manufacturing Executive Speaker - Kevin Uhls, VP IT; GE Consumer & Industrial
  • Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Unconference Featured As Part of MESA Gathering

    Things are coming together rapidly for the MESA International North American Conference to be held in Dearborn, MI June 21-23. A great keynote on Monday evening, June 21 will get everyone ready for two days of intense learning and sharing about using information technology for improving plant and factory operations.

    On Tuesday, high level practitioners and thought leaders will share their ideas and experiences. But if you yearn for more than the usual sit and listen conference, we are providing for an unusual experience for Wednesday, June 23. With the new MESA Unconference, you can directly engage and learn about topics that you pick - and get answers to your most pressing challenges. I have gone from the guy throwing out ideas to accepting the challenge of Unconference Director for the event. I am enthused about bringing something new to manufacturing conferences--something that will raise the energy level and intensity of discussion.

    At the Unconference, you can share and learn in an open, participatory environment. It is an intense multi-discussion, multi-room event with no script. Bring your ideas and desires to interact with peers - and test the brains and bounds of the MESA community. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is invited and welcome!

    In this "confer and conquer" environment, you can present ideas or questions and discuss operations topics with other practitioners and subject matter experts in the spirit of MESA's mission - to provide an environment for the sharing of best practices. Leading industry experts, including members of the MESA Technical Committee, will be on hand to help facilitate discussions.

    What kinds of topics? Here's an example from a major battery manufacturer - how to deal with the challenges of operational excellence in an ultra high-volume production environment. Other ideas include ISA-95 implementations, cloud computing, virtual machines, Lean in process production environments, and much more.

    Do you have an idea for a topic for discussion on Wednesday? Send me an email at

    Monday, April 5, 2010

    Participate at the MESA Conference

    The MESA International North American Conference, Unlocking Your Operations Potential, is coming soon. Organizers have been working hard to assemble an outstanding program. We believe that many people have experiences and knowledge to share. If you are one of these, we have two ways for you to actively participate.

    The first way is to present a formal talk, sharing your knowledge and best practices. We are accepting abstracts through Monday April 12. You'll be in good company - and will share the conference stage with nationally-recognized keynotes and industry leading session speakers!

    MESA is looking for the best, most quantifiable case studies and real world presentations on the following topics:
    • Tying Operational Metrics to Financial Metrics
    • Real-Time Enterprise
    • Quality & Compliance
    • Asset Performance Management (APM)
    • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
    • Lean
    • Sustainability
    Here are some tips for presentations that would engage attendees:

    • Focus on how your operations management / plant-wide IT systems support implementation of one or more key initiatives. Subject matter may range from planning and implementation to challenges and results.
    • Feature Manufacturer/Producer presenters or a joint presentation between a Vendor & Manufacturer / Producer.

    Have we missed something? Do you have another topic relevant to industrial companies that isn't listed here - interoperability, SOA in Manufacturing, Industrial BPM, or others? If so, please submit the topic for consideration. MESA is working to facilitate knowledge-sharing on as many of the right topics as possible and we are open to your ideas.

    Click here to submit an abstract.

    If putting a formal presentation together isn't your desire but you still feel like adding in your experiences or engaging speakers and other attendees in greater depth about a topic, the the Unconference program is just for you. Too many presentations can dull your senses. Sometimes you'd like to ask more questions of the speakers and there's no time. Sometimes you see others that share your problems, and you'd like to connect with them.

    Rather than hope for a chance meeting in the hallways, MESA has set aside time in the program especially for these meetings. Called an Unconference, attendees can suggest topics they'd like to discuss in more detail. People will self-select into one of these sessions that are led by the attendees themselves with the help of a MESA facilitator. These are all the rage in Silicon Valley. MESA is bringing the concept to manufacturing and production executives.

    If you'd like to submit a topic for an Unconference session, please send an email to or

    Thursday, March 25, 2010

    Details Align for Upcoming MESA Conference

    Pre-conference events should entice you to Dearborn, MI on June 21 to get warmed up for what is shaping up to be a great learning and sharing experience at the 2010 MESA International North American Conference, "Unlocking Your Operations Potential."

    On Monday, prior to the conference, MESA will be hosting workshops addressing best practices in:
    • Metrics-driven approaches with findings from the new MESA Research Project
    • Eco-efficiency and sustainability in manufacturing
    • Improving operations through our Strategic Initiatives covering lean, product lifecycle management, real-time enterprise, asset management, plus quality and compliance.

    Then on Monday evening, you'll want to attend the Welcome Reception and Keynote Address featuring Lou Holtz. The famed college football coach and TV sports analyst will present his Game Plan For Success. His message transcends athletics. It resonates - even to those who aren't sports-minded. The focus is on people and the values that make relationships and organizations excel. Once heard, you will have no doubt why Lou Holtz is considered a legendary team leader and speaker on achievement.

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    Improving Plant and Business Performance Webcast

    Here's a learning opportunity through a MESA Webcast on Tuesday April 13 at 11 am EDT. Speakers will address the question, how can a production company continue to improve its financial results in the face of a global economic crisis? This webcast will provide views from both a processor and a discrete manufacturer that have done that, as well as the MESA research perspective from a recent study Correlating Plant Performance with Business Performance.

    Some of the questions that will be addressed:

    • What differentiates companies that have improved their business performance from others (hint: it has nothing to do with size, location, or type of product)
    • Why OEE is useful, but not adequate to ensure business gains
    • What metrics the leaders focus on improving
    • How one industrial company has continued to grow its margin despite a desperate decline in revenues
    • How a processor improved its earnings (EBITDA) by over 10% on average during the years of the downturn
    • How consistent metrics and visibility can improve performance

    The moderator is Khris Kammer, Sr. Information Solutions Consultant, Rockwell Automation, and MESA Technical Committee Chair.

    Speakers are:

    • Julie Fraser, Principal Industry Analyst, Cambashi, Inc., and MESA Metrics Working Group Chair
    • George Strodtbeck, Executive Director, Cummins, Inc.
    • Lars Wallstén, Head of Performance Systems, Linde

    You must first register to attend this event. There is no cost to attend. MESA members and non-members are welcome to participate in the live webcast; however, only Premium members of MESA will have access to the recording and PowerPoint slides.

    After registering, you will receive an e-mail confirmation message that will include the dial-in teleconference information as well as the link you will need to participate in the webcast. You will also receive a reminder e-mail.

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    Exciting Plans for MESA North American conference

    I'm excited to become a blogger for MESA--the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association International. I'm also looking forward to the upcoming conference. It is shaping up as a premier place to discuss IT solutions for manufacturing problems. Look for some uncommon opportunities to discuss problems and solutions with your peers beyond the usual PowerPoint presentations. Looking forward to meeting you there. The Conference is June 21-23 in Dearborn, MI.

    The MESA 2010 North American Conference will take attendees deep into some of the most pressing challenges industry faces today and, more importantly, into the Best Practices and actionable steps companies can take RIGHT NOW to meet those challenges. Meet with peers, MESA Working Groups, solution providers, and industry thought leaders to share your experiences and to learn from those of others on the road to Operations Excellence.

    Particularly noteworthy is that the conference will be hosted by Ford Motor Company in the backyard of their corporate headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. The main conference location is the Ford Conference and Event Center. Ford has long been committed to being operationally excellent and is one of the world's most advanced users of Information Technology (IT) solutions in their plants and across their global enterprise. They know the importance of manufacturing to the global economy, and MESA is honored to bring our membership and conference to the U.S. Midwest to engage the best-and-brightest minds in industry in Ford's hometown.

    However, this is NOT an automotive-only conference or even a conference just for discrete manufacturers. MESA represents the interests of manufacturers and producers across the industrial landscape from discrete to batch and mixed mode to continuous process environments, and the conference will, too. Embracing the intersection of technology and human capital to pursue Operations Excellence, taking costs out of your operations, managing asset performance, or building a Real-Time Enterprise spans all manufacturers and producers in all industries; so, we invite practitioners from all industries and experience levels to join us in Dearborn, MI for the MESA 2010 North American Conference.

    The conference will open Monday, June 21, 2010 with an evening reception and Keynote Speaker. (Pre-conference training sessions are planned for Monday afternoon, and more information on the topics and times will be posted shortly.) Tuesday, June 22, will be a full-day of general sessions, networking opportunities and Strategic Initiative Workouts/Wednesday, June 23, will feature a similar structure to Tuesday but a shorter schedule of events.

    The Workouts will be lead by MESA Working Group leaders and will follow end-user presentations on the subject. Specific speakers and subjects will be updated as slots are filled but will center around the following topics:

    * Tying Operational Performance Metrics to Financial Metrics
    * Real-Time Enterprise
    * Quality & Compliance
    * Asset Performance Management (APM)
    * Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
    * Lean
    * Sustainability
    * Reducing Operational Costs

    Click here to register.