Monday, September 22, 2008

Metrics Continues to Generate Buzz

The MESA Metrics working group dinner was a LONG table of 20+ folks interested in performance metrics. Obviously, we'll be working on some of the same and some new things next year. In addition to the current work on metrics for diagnostics, across plant and warehouse, linking operations to finance, and IT for performance metrics - some new ideas are:
* Linking quality into the diagnostic metrics
* Working with even more organizations beyond MHIA and WERC to create standard metrics
* Creating a framework for metrics to use in the strategic initiatives guidebooks
* Studying metrics for low-volume production
* Creating global metrics across dissimilar plants (different products, processes, volumes, mix, etc.) in one company
* Ensuring front-line supervisors and operators have appropriate metrics to drive action
* Lead-time and TOC metrics for lean environments
* Ensuring metrics link up between strategic and tactical levels and top to bottom
* Moving past metrics per manager
* Developing a short list of operational metrics that will help drive interest in MES into the C-level

Okay, who's ready to get moving?

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