Sunday, September 21, 2008

MESA P2E Off and Running

Having arrived at the Rosen Plaza, I'm just getting immersed in the MESA Strategic Initiatives (MSI). Leaders of each team are presenting what their group has developed so far in their guidebook development. A good roomful of us - some who participated in creating this material and others who are just understanding what's happening.

We're hearing about how the product engineering side is tying in to manufacturing - and the touch points are many! The PLM guidebook team has gathered lots of great information, and it's clear I need to get our company more involved in this activity. Great information from the MSI working group - also describing the process to define a PLM roadmap, which I think quite a few companies will need to undertake in the next few years. Lots more work to do that they have pointed to as well - beyond discrete and into specific areas of interest.

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