Monday, September 22, 2008

Climate Change - Threat or Opportunity

What a wake-up call! Dr. Peter Williams of Big Green Innovations reports that experts at NOAH say there is a 1 in 5 chance that we'll extinguish all life on earth within the next few 100 years. Russian roulette odds. Unequivocal evidence that human activity is causing these risks.

40% population increase. Water, food, diseases, extinction of 30% of species, coastal sea level rise causing up to 30% lost of coastal wetlands. Every industrial sector has a responsibility for these problems.

5 companies use as much water as the entire world for daily personal needs!
Carbon cap & trade is going in Europe, likely here in the US. Water cap and trade might also happen. JP Morgan report "Watching Water" points out physical, regulation and brand risk.
Carbon risk is factoring into financial investment banks too. Affecting your stock price?

Lean helps make you greener. Next MSI guidebook might be on green or sustainability. Opportunities - many areas to think about for manufacturers. Changing world for utilities.
IBM Saved $291M of energy from 1990-2006. 100K of 380K IBMers work at home. I love working at home!

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